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  • NB! Important information about the service.

    This service will close shortly.

    A new service is now available at

    Any power of attorney to view your prescriptions via the old service will not be valid in the new one. You must register a new power of attorney at

  • What is My Prescriptions?

    Mine resepter is an online service offered by the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth.

    The service allows you who have received one or more electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) an overview of your valid prescriptions, medicines/items assigned to you at the pharmacy/supplier and the number of dispenses that may remain.

    The solution also includes your children's prescriptions (0-16 year) and also any given authorities.

  • Can anyone use the service?

    Yes, but you must have an electronic ID at the highest level of security. Do you not have an electronic ID? Please read how to obtain such by visiting

  • Where can I find more information about the service?

    You can read more by visiting, or contact us on toll free number 800 HELSE (800 43573).

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